Renzo Favaro

  • Orgin
    Buenos Aires, ARG
  • Born
    Apr-10 1985
  • Instrument

Renzo Favaro (vocals)

From a very young age he had contact with music. Being the youngest of the family, Renzo was exposed to music of very different styles, thanks to what the rest heard. Creedence, GunsN ‘Roses, Queen, Charly Garcia, The Doors, Janis Joplin, Nirvana, Silvio Rodriguez or Julio Sosa are some examples, but none of these performers achieved the impact that (and still has) Iron Maiden. Years later he could get hold of some discs of Judas Priest, which undoubtedly sealed the pact with heavy metal by dint of bestial and inhuman trebles. With the passage of time, and fundamentally after beginning to sing, new and multiple musical proposals were arriving that impacted him, almost always linked to heavy metal and neighboring genres. Among many others, we talk about Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Dio (in all its bands), Megadeth, Rainbow, Whitesnake, Exodus, Brazen Abbot, etc.

While it was usual to sing in his room (or where I could least hear it), I had never considered the idea of ​​singing in a band. However, at age 18, and casually (or causally), ends successfully auditioning for the band of a keyboardist friend who did not frequent so much. That was the beginning.

Throughout the years, he went through several bands, taking the activity more and more seriously and learning with great references of the genre, such as Javier Barrozo and Ivan Sencion. Bands like Heimdal, Arion and Incraneo were seven years of numerous recitals, two demos recorded and more and more friends.

In 2013, after the dissolution of Incraneo, he began to sing in Cruces Negras (tribute to Black Sabbath), where he was in charge of singing the themes of the Dio era, and with whom he performed countless recitals in Buenos Aires and in the interior, sharing the stage with great figures such as Tim “Ripper” Owens, the local Lethal, etc.

In 2014 he auditioned and entered the Joy Gospel Choir, with which he experienced not only another extremely different and incredible genre, but also a completely different role, having to be part of a 45-voice harmony.

The following year, he is contacted by Patán, a historical heavy metal band, who tried it and chose it, without auditioning anyone else. Along with them he toured some venues of Buenos Aires, GBA and the interior, shared a show with the Holy Land and participated in the composition and production of the sixth studio album of the band, to see the light of the current year.

In March of 2017 he arrives at Fughu from the hand of Santiago Bürgi, former vocalist, with whom he maintains a friendship through his sister, after sharing numerous operas. After a successful test with two songs, they begin to work on the band’s new record production. By the end of that year, all the members of Fughu felt that they had been playing together since long before

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