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Interview with the band Fughu by Geert in February 2014

Metal Norse Fughu Interview

Some time ago metalnose received a promo copy of the new album by Argentina band Fughu. It’s a concept album consisting of two cd’s which can be bought separately or together.

Together they make up ‘Human (the facts)’ and ‘Human (the tales)’. It’s a very good progressive rock album with a very balanced fusion between seventies progressive rock and more modern metal influenced progrock.


Ragazzi (NED)

fughu ragazzi review

Here we have it covered with a double blow to the Argentine tun.Zuallerst the absolutely captivating vocals of Santiago Bürgi , and then it could be the little brother of Eric Clayton ( Saviour Machine ) .

Some like this kind of voicing ” exaggerated “, the ” theatrical ” or ” Melodramtisch “, but I love such a reliving of the texts that have it the way in – as is so often full-bodied music accompanies verbally to an adequate level. (more…)

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